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Mineral High School Leopards Baseball History


The only years listed in the MHS yearbooks that we have copies of that show MHS participating in baseball are from 1938 - 1942, 1946, and again from 1956 - 1961. It is stated in the 1941 yearbook that MHS had only two games, both against Hooppole, because the other Little Four schools, Atkinson and Annawan, dropped baseball for football. Below are the listed records for the baseball teams with the information as printed in the yearbooks. The year listed would be for the fall of that year (for example "1938" is actually the 1938 - 39 school year).  A short write up in the 1941 high school yearbook states that Morris Foes had a batting average of .750! We are also told that Herbert Gingrich (Class of 1942) was offered a tryout with the Chciago Cubs!

As you can see, the MHS kids were a multi-talented bunch!

1931  Little Four Conference "Kitten Ball" Champions

1933  Little Four Conference "Kitten Ball" Champions

1937  Little Four Conference Baseball Champions 

1938 Coach Charles Bender 3 - 4

1939 Coach Charles Bender 5 - 2

Coach Bender overall 8 - 6

1940 Coach Oliver Jochums  2 - 0

1941 Coach Oliver Jochums  7 - 0  - Little Four Conference Champs

1942 - 45 unknown if a team was competing

1946 Coach Oliver Jochums  3 - 0

Coach Jochums overall 12 - 0

1947 - 55 unknown if a team was competing

1955 I.S.L. Class ‘B’ Baseball District - Mineral 1st Place 

1956 Coach Earl Jay  no stats or results available

1957 Coach Fred Gore  no stats or results available

1958 Coach Don Deterding  no stats or results available 

1959 Coach Don Dolieslager  no stats or results available

1960 Coach Don Dolieslager  no stats or results available

1961 Coach Don Dolieslager  no stats or results available

1961 Annawan Little League Baseball Tournament - 4th Place

1962 Annawan Little League Baseball Tournament - 2nd Place