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Mineral High School Fight Song

Mineral Pride Banquet June 7, 2014
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                                            The MHS Fight Song

The Mineral High School fight song is probably one of the most inspiring songs written for a small school. The song is sung to the tune of the famous college fight song of The University of Wisconsin titled "On Wisconsin". This tune was rated by ESPN network as the third most inspiring fight song in the college ranks. Every time it is read or sung one thinks about the packed Mineral High School gymnasium at the half time of a "first team" contest. With the well versed cheerleaders leading the charge, the song was sung with the following lyrics:

On, ole Mineral,

On, ole Mineral,

Get up, Step in line!

Knock the ball right though the basket

Scores count up each time!




On, ole Mineral,

On, ole Mineral,

Fight on for your fame!

Fight fellows, fight

and we will win this game!


Cha He,

Cha Ha 

Cha Ha Ha Ha

Mineral High School,