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Mineral Pride Banquet June 7, 2014
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Mineral Village Government
Mayor:     Robert Lyon
Clerk:       Sue McCauley
Village Board Members:  
                                                 Jason Baele
                                                 Ron DePauw
                                                 Brent Heavener
                                                 Rodney Jackson
                                                 Richard Krafft
                                                 Linda Lyon
Mineral Township Government
Township Commisioner:  Joe Hasbrook
Township Secretary:         
Fire Department Chief:      Ward Blackert 
Road Commisioner:           Neil Heston
Board Members:                 
                                                 Chris Summer
                                                 Phil Weisbrook
Mineral Township Library
Board Members:                Connie Baele
                                                Jennifer Blackert
                                                Deb Debrock
                                                E.J. Toppert
                                                Colleen Vankerrebroeck