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Mineral Pride Banquet June 7, 2014
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Vintage Photos  
We are looking for vintage photos of Mineral's great history.  They do not have to be anything significant, just fun to share. If you have some photos you wish to share, please send them to us at dpnanninga@comcast.net .
If you place your cursor over any photo below and "left click" on your mouse you will be able to view an enlarged version of the photo.

Mineral "Charles" Home-late 1800s/early 1900s
Thank you to Steph Carlson Swanson & Sandy Carlson Jackson

Mineral Store Front - late 1800s
Submitted by Steph Carlson Swanson & Sandy Carlson Jackson

Gone Fishin' II (approx. 1950)
Dale "Tiny" DeSplinter, Glenn "Eddie" Morey, Ron Childs

Gone Fishin' I (approx. 1950)
Dale "Tiny " DeSplinter, Bill Baird, Glenn "Eddie" Morey

A Gift From Ely's Store - Mid 1930s
Courtesy of Virginia Verdun Romero

Mineral Cemetery / Lorenson Farm Buildings
A view of the Mineral Cemetery looking east.