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Chicago Maria High School Building

Chicago Maria High School

The History of Chicago Maria High School

Chicago (population: 2.8 million) is located along the shores of Lake Michigan in northeastern Illinois. From its early days as a Potawatomie settlement, then as the site of Fort Dearborn in 1803, which led up to the formation of the city and its incorporation in 1833 and 1837, respectively, the "City of Big Shoulders" became a major location in the US for various reasons. Railroads and water transportation were two reasons why Chicago was one of the fastest growing cities in the country during the 19th Century.

Today, numerous railroads and highways of interstate, US, state, and local designations bring people together in the city on a daily basis, as does air traffic at O'Hare and Midway Airports. Chicago is a melting pot of people from many nationalities, making it ethnically diverse, and thus, is referred to as "the cultural, economic, and financial capital of the Midwest" (according to Wikipedia).

The history of Maria High School in Chicago was found on the Maria High School website at the web address of!history/c38l

"Our story begins with Casimira Kaupas, the future Mother Maria, who was born in 1880 in Lithuania. She came to Pennsylvania as a housekeeper when she was 17 years old. There she met Sisters for the first time and resolved to become a teaching religious to help Lithuanian Americans. She founded the Sisters of St. Casimir in 1907 and looked joyously to the future.
 The Sisters purchased 10 acres of prairie at Marquette Road and Rockwell Avenue in Chicago, and arranged immediately for the construction of a school. St. Casimir Academy opened in 1911 with 21 students. From 1911 until 1930, boarders as well as day students attended the Academy. Girls came from as far away as Pennsylvania and Massachusetts to educated at SCA. 
Enrollment reached 550 by 1950, straining the building's capacity. The Sisters were emboldened with a new task: to build a school on a swamp just west of the existing building. They envisioned a school with state of the art classrooms, labs, and facilities and re-named Maria for their foundress and the Blessed Mother. Groundbreaking took place on June 11, 1950. The once empty prairie became the scene of tremendous activity. Maria High School opened September 8, 1952 when 750 girls walked across the threshold.
In the 2011-2012 school year, Maria High School was fortunate to celebrate the school's Centennial anniversary. While it is impressive that the school has educated young women for over one hundred years, it is even more impressive that there are over 14,000 young women who have graduated from Maria High School and St. Casimir Academy who have gone on to make a difference in the world. These young women live their lives according to Mother Maria's mantra: Always more, always better, always with love."
In summary, St. Casimir Academy was started on Chicago's south side in the area of Rockwell Avenue and 67th Street (Marquette Road) in 1911. The school grew to the point that a new building was erected between 1950 and 1952. The new building opened in the fall of 1952 as Maria High School. Dwindling enrollment and financial strife led to the closing of Maria High School after the 2012-13 school year. The final graduation ceremony was held on May 18, 2013.
Websites utilized for this information include:
Chicago Maria High School Quick Facts
Year opened as St. Casimir Academy: 1911
Year became Maria High School:         1952
Year Maria HS closed:                        2013
Consolidated to:                                 (closed)
Chicago Maria HS mascot:                 "Mystics"
Chicago Maria HS team colors:           Blue & Gold 
Chicago Maria HS fight song:              Hail Maria High School

 Hail Maria High School, wave your gold and blue

 Your fair and loyal daughters ever will be true

 Your silver portals beckon, your gleaming cross points the way

 We love your name, we'll bring it fame, Maria, we proudly say:

 Maria High School, Maria High School,

 Tribute to Heav'n's fair Queen

 Maria High School, Maria High School,

 You're the fairest of all we've seen

 We love your banner, we'll do it honor,

 We'll cherish the gold and blue

 From our loyal hearts we'll always shout,

 Maria High, we're true to you!

The Maria High School "Mystics" had a great athletic program from the beginning of girls ahtletics in the early 1970s through the closing of the school. The Mystics made their mark on the local and State competition levels in many different sports. Below are the accomplishments we located on the IHSA website ( regarding the Maria High School athletic program:  
Team Sports:
28 Regional Championships
8 Sectional Championships
4 Sweet 16 Appearances
4 Elite 8 Appearances
1 Final 4 Appearance
1 State Championship Game Appearance
1 State Tournament Runner-Up Finish
Individual Efforts:
4 Individual athletes won state meet medals
8 Total individual medals were earned by these athletes.
Many more conference championships were likely won as well as local tournaments and contests. We welcome further information on these accomplishments.
In the early years basketball was the anchor sport for the Maria High School Mystics. Coach Cindy Cole had one of the premier programs in the Chicago area, and throughout the state for that matter. Four straight trips to the IHSA Sweet 16 were made from the 1979-80 though the 1982-83 season! The team of 1982-83 in fact had the school's best results in any sport with a trip to the IHSA Class AA title game! The girls finished 2nd that year bringing home the IHSA's runner-up trophy. Overall, the Mystic basketball program achieved the following successes on the IHSA tournament level.  
15 Regional Championships
4 Sectional Championships / Sweet 16 Appearances
3 Super-Sectional Championships / Elite 8 Appearances
1 FINAL 4 Appearance
1 IHSA State Runner-up Finish
Photos of the best teams, season records, and coaches names of the some of the teams are needed. Great job Chicago Maria High School Mystic basketball program! 
1977-78    21 - 2                                                                 Coach Cindy Cole
1978-79    27 - 2        Regional Champions!                       Coach Cindy Cole
1979-80    28 - 4        IHSA Elite 8 Finalists!!                       Coach Cindy Cole
                                Regional Champions
                                (Scores needed)
                                Sectional Champions
                                (Scores needed)
                                Super Sectional Champions
                                Beat Harvey Thornton 61-60 (O/T)
                                Elite 8 Finalists
                                Lost to East St. Louis Lincoln 84-31
                                East St. Louis Lincoln won State Title
1980-81    20 - 9        IHSA Sweet 16 Finalists!!                  Coach Cindy Cole
                                Regional Champions
                                (Scores needed)
                                Sectional Champions
                                (Scores needed)
                                Super-Sectional Finalist
                                Lost to Orland Park Sandburg 46-45
                                Sandburg lost in Elite 8 Round
1981-82    27 - 5        IHSA Elite 8 Finalists!!                       Coach Cindy Cole
                               Regional Champions
                               (Scores needed)
                               Sectional Champions
                               (Scores needed)
                               Super-Sectional Champions
                               Beat Orland Park Sandburg 50-49
                               Elite 8 Finalist
                               Lost to Aurora East 59-54
                               Aurora East placed 4th
1982-83    28 - 3    IHSA STATE TOURNEY RUNNER-UP!!!   Coach Cindy Cole
                               Regional Champions
                               (Scores needed)
                               Sectional Champions
                               (Scores needed)
                               Super-Sectional Champions
                               Beat Homewood-Flossmoor 69-28
                               Elite 8 Finalist
                               Beat Des Plaines Maine West 68-53
                               Final 4 Finalist
                               Beat Sterling 44-42
                               STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
                               Lost to Peoria Richwoods 56-43
1983-84    15 - 10                                                                Coach Cindy Cole
1984-85    19 - 9        Regional Champions!                        Coach Cindy Cole
                                (Regional scores needed)
                                Sectional Tournament
                                (Sectional scores needed)
1985-86    19 - 9        Regional Champions!                        Coach Cindy Cole
                                (Regional scores needed)
                                Sectional Tournament
                                (Sectional scores needed)
1986-87    16 - 10      Regional Champions!                        Coach Cindy Cole
                                (Regional scores needed)
                                Sectional Tournament
                                (Sectional scores needed)
1987-88    21 - 7        Regional Champions!                        Coach Cindy Cole
                                (Regional scores needed)
                                Sectional Tournament
                                (Sectional scores needed)
1988-89    16 - 12                                                                Coach Cindy Cole
Coach Cindy Cole overall record 257 - 82 (12 years) .758 %
1989-90    12 - 13       Regional Champions!                       Coach's name needed 
                                (Regional scores needed)
                                Sectional Tournament
                                (Sectional scores needed)
1990-91    16 - 12      Regional Champions!                        Coach Andrew Signa
                                (Regional scores needed)
                               Sectional Tournament
                                (Sectional scores needed)
1991-92    10 - 17                                                                 Coach Andrew Signa
1992-93    11 - 16                                                                 Coach's name needed
1993-94    17 - 10                                                                 Coach's name needed
1994-95    14 - 14                                                                 Coach Nicki Crispo
1995-96    17 - 10                                                                 Coach Nicki Crispo
1996-97    14 - 14                                                                 Coach Rick Federici
1997-98    23 - 9        Regional Champions!                        Coach Rick Federici
                                (Regional scores needed)
                                Sectional Tournament
                                Lost to Mother McAuley 84-80
                                McCauley lost in Sectional title game
1998-99    21 - 12      Regional Champions!                        Coach Rick Federici
                                (Regional scores needed)
                                Sectional Tournament
                                Beat Oak Park Fenwick 66-64
                                Title Game - Lost to Tinley Park Andrew 46-45
                                Andrew lost in Sweet 16 round.
1999-00    19 - 14      Regional Champions!                        Coach Rick Federici
                                (Regional scores needed)
                                Sectional Tournament
                                Beat Mother McAuley 79-74
                                Title Game - Lost to Orland Park Sandburg 68-54
                                Sandburg lost in Sweet 16 round.
2000-01      9 - 20                                                                Coach Rick Federici
2001-02      9 - 21                                                                Coach Rick Federici
2002-03    10 - 22      Regional Champions!                        Coach Rick Federici
                                (Regional scores needed)           
                               Sectional Tournament
                                Lost to Chicago Hyde Park 66-53
                                Hyde Park lost in title game
2003-04    10 - 20                                                                Coach Rick Federici
2004-05      5 - 21                                                                Coach Bill Hozian
2005-06      6 - 18                                                                Coach Tamara Somerville
2006-07    15 - 10                                                                Coach Tamara Somerville
2007-08    10 - 8                                                                  Coach Tamara Somerville
                               Regional Finalist
                               Lost to LaGrange Nazareth 78-55               
2008-09      2 - 17                                                                Coach Tamara Somerville
2009-10      5 - 17                                                                Coach John Niemiec
2010-11      3 - 12                                                                Coach John Niemiec
                               Regional Result - 1st Round
                               Lost to Chicago Phillips 51-22
                               Phillips lost in semi-final round.
2011-12                   Regional Result - Quarter-final
                              Lost to Chicago Hope 50-8
                              Hope won Regional/lost in Sectional
2011-12 & 2012-13 season records & coach's names needed. 
Overall record 515 - 409 (34 years) .557 winning %  
The Maria High School Mystic netters had two Sweet 16 appearances in the IHSA Class AA Tournament. The volleyball program won a total of SEVEN Regional titles in all! Season records and coaches names are needed for many of the seasons listed below as located on the IHSA website.
7 Regional Championships
2 Sectional Championships
2 Sweet 16 Appearances
1979-80               District / Sectional Champions!                Coach's name & record needed
                           District scores needed
                           Sectional scores needed
                           Sweet 16 Finalist 
                           Super-Sectional score needed
1980-81    12 - 8                                                                    Coach's name needed
1981-82    19 - 6                                                                    Coach's name needed
1982-83    23 - 8                                                                    Coach's name needed
1983-84 & 1984-85 Record & coaches names needed.
1985-86    16 - 19                                                                  Coach Mary Pat Coughlin
1986-87    21 - 13                                                                  Coach Mary Pat Coughlin
1987-88      1 - 1   Regional Champions!                              Coach Deb Graham
                           Season record needed
                           Regional scores needed
                           Sectional scores needed
1988-89    27 - 10 Regional Champions!                              Coach's name needed
                           Regional scores needed
                           Sectional scores needed
1989-90  Record & coach's name needed
1990-91               Regional Champions!                              Coach's name & record needed
                           Regional scores needed
                           Sectional scores needed
1991-92               Regional / Sectional Champions!            Coach's name & record needed
                           Regional scores needed
                           Sectional scores needed
                           Sweet 16 Finalist
                           Score needed
1992-93 Record & coach's name needed
1993-94               Regional Champions!                              Coach's name & record needed
                           Regional scores needed
                           Sectional scores needed
1994-95 Record & coach's name needed
1995-96    19 - 15                                                                  Coach Deb Graham
1996-97    15 - 19                                                                  Coach Dana Curta
1997-98      6 - 29 Regional Champions!                               Coach Dana Curta 
                           Regional scores needed
                           1st Rd - Beat Cicero Morton HS
                           Title game - needed
                           Sectional scores needed
1998-99 through 2012-13 Records & coaches names needed
The Maria High School Mystics also faired quite well on the softball diamond. The team of 1995-96 came within 2 runs of reaching the Class AA final four. They did, however, advance to the Elite 8 round in the State's large school division that year. Among the program's accomplishments in the IHSA tournament include:
5 Regional Championships
1 Sectional Championship
1 Elite 8 Appearance
1980-81    18 - 8                                                                   Coach's name needed
1981-82    24 - 5         Regional Champions!                        Coach's name needed
                                 Regional results needed
1982-83    24 - 3                                                                   Coach's name needed
1983-84    20 - 6                                                                   Coach's name needed
1984-85    Record & coach's name needed
1985-86    13 - 18                                                                 Coach Donna Thompson
1986-87    20 - 16                                                                 Coach Mary Pay Coughlin
1987-88    17 - 15                                                                 Coach Deb Graham
1988-89    25 - 8 - 2    Regional Champions!                        Coach Deb Graham
                                 Regional results needed
1989-90    24 - 7 - 1    Regional Champions!                        Coach Deb Graham
                                 Regional results needed
1990-91    12 - 18                                                                 Coach Deb Graham
1991-92    17 - 12                                                                 Coach Deb Graham
1992-93    20 - 10                                                                 Coach Deb Graham
1993-94    26 - 11                                                                 Coach Deb Graham
1994-95    25 - 12                                                                 Coach Deb Graham
1995-96    20 - 12       IHSA Class 'AA' Elite 8 FInalist!          Coach Deb Graham
                                 Regional Champions
                                 Regional scores needed
                                 Sectional Champions
                                 Sectional scores needed
                                 Elite 8 Finalist
                                 Lost to Morton 1-0
                                 Morton lost in State Championship game
                   *Coach Graham 186-105-3 overall, 9 seasons, .638%
1996-97      9 - 16                                                                  Coach Chris Kefalas
1997-98     record needed                                                       Coach Chris Kefalas
1998-99      9 - 25                                                                  Coach Chris Kefalas
1999-00    17 - 19                                                                  Coach Jeff Mison
2000-01      8 - 23                                                                  Coach Erin Smith-Lorenz
2001-02    11 - 18                                                                  Coach Erin Smith-Lorenz
2002-03      9 - 16       Regional Champions!                         Coach Erin Smith-Lorenz   
                                 Regional scores needed
                                 Sectional Tourney
                                 Lost to Burbank Queen of Peace 2-0
                                 Queen of Peace lost in Sweet 16 round
2003-04 through 2008-09 records & coach's names needed.
2008-09      1 - 1                                                                    Coach Kim Dwyer
2009-10 through 2012-13 records & coach's names needed.
*Maria High School 369-279-3 overall in 22 seasons, .567 winning %.
Two Maria High School teams qualified for the IHSA finals in Cross Country. We did not find any individual medalists, but the program had some real nice team success stories.
1985-86            Team Qualified for IHSA Finals                   Coach Joe Gregory
1986-87            Team Qualified for IHSA Finals                   Coach Joe Gregory
2001-02      0 - 11                                                                  Coach Joe Gregory
One individual represented the Mystic gymnastic program at the state finals in a large way. Linda Moran earned THREE individual medals at the IHSA State Gymnastic Meet in the 1984-85 season.
1984-85                  Individual Medalist at IHSA State Meet
                              Linda Moran  -  Uneven Parallel Bars - 6th Place
                              Linda Moran  -  Floor Exercise            - 6th Place
                              Linda Moran  -  All-Around                  - 6th Place
1987-88      7 - 4                                                                    Coach Sue Moran
The Mystic soccer program won a Regional Championship of their own in the 2006-07 season. This is a great accomplishment in a soccer friendly area like Chicago.
1987-88      7 - 5  -  1                                                          Coach James Kasper
1988-89 & 1989-90 Records & coaches names needed.
1990-91      2 - 15                                                               Coach's name needed 
1991-92      5 - 8  -  1                                                          Coach's name needed
1992-93      4 - 11 - 2                                                          Coach Brian Murphy
1993-94 through 1997-98 Records & coaches names needed.
1998-99      4 - 17                                                               Coach Michael Ortiz
1999-00      6 - 18 - 1                                                          Coach Michael Ortiz
2000-01      8 - 12 - 1                                                          Coach Tom Duffy
2001-02 Record & coach's name needed       
2002-03    15 - 8                                                                 Coach Tom Schergen
2003-04    11 - 9  -  3                                                          Coach Tom Schergen
2004-05 & 2005-06 Records & coaches names needed.
2006-07  (record needed) Regional Champions!                  Coach's name needed
                                      (Regional scores needed)
                                     Sectional Tourney
                                     Lost to Chicago University HS 3-1
                                     University lost in Sweet 16 round.
2007-08 through 2012-13 Records & coaches names needed.
Susan Spry won THREE individual medals at the IHSA State swim meet in her career. The Mystic swimming and diving program likely had many other succrssful ventures on the team and individual levels at local competitions.
1983-84               IHSA Individual Medalist!                         Coach's name needded
                          Susan Spry  -  100 Yard Freestyle - 4th Place
                          Susan Spry  -  200 Yard Freestyle - 5th Place
1984-85               IHSA Individual Medalist!                         Coach's name needed
                          Susan Spry  -  100 Yard Freestyle - 5th Place
1985-86      2 - 6                                                                    Coach Cindy Cole
1992-93      2 - 6                                                                    Coach's name needed
The Tennis team won a Sectional Championship in the 1983-84 season. Other seasons are listed below as found on the IHSA website. 
1983-84                      Sectional Champions!                          Coach Sharon Johnson
1985-86      0 - 11                                                                     Coach Sharon Johnson
1986-87 through 1989-90 Records & coaches names needed
1990-91      5 - 3                                                                       Coach's name needed
1991-92 & 1992-93 Records & coaches names needed.
1993-94      3 - 8                                                                       Coach's name needed
1994-95      6 - 4                                                                       Coach's name needed
1995-96      9 - 3                                                                       Coach's name needed
1996-97      1 - 13                                                                     Coach Sheila Whitfield
1997-98      0 - 15                                                                     Coach Sheila Whitfield
1998-99      0 - 13                                                                     Coach Sheila Whitfield
1999-00 & 2000-01 Records & coaches names needed,
2001-02      5 - 9                                                                       Coach Trinity Zevallos
2002-03 through 2009-10 Records & coach's names needed.
2010-11      3 - 10                                                                     Coach Robert Newman
2011-12 & 2012-13 Records & coach's names needed.
Two lady thinclads won individual medals at the Class AA state meet in their respective years. Yvonne Cosentino and Maureen Murphy had excellent efforts to attain these feats.  
1980-81               IHSA Class 'AA' State Meet Medalist        Coach's name needed
                           Yvonne Cossentino   -  Long Jump  -  4th Place
1989-90               IHSA Class 'AA' State Meet Medalist        Coach's name needed
                           Maureen Murphy      -  High Jump   -  8th Place
1995-96      5 - 1                                                                   Coach Reuben Sims
**Other information on track & field needed.
The Mystics were a multi-talented group of athletes. The girls competed in Water Polo in the late 1990s / early 2000s for certain. The girls had a two year record of 50 - 10 under Coach Eric Fischer in 1998-99 & 1999-2000!
1998-99    27 - 3                                                                     Coach Eric Fischer
1999-00    23 - 9                                                                     Coach Eric Fischer
2000-01    15 - 12                                                                   Coach Martin Ramirez
*All other season records & coaches names needed.
We are always looking for more information regarding every school on the GLory Days website, and Maria High School is no different. Photos of the most successful teams and individual athletes are welcome. Information on the history of the school and programs other than athletics are also welcome. If you have these items to share, or would simply like to share your memories of being a student at Maria High School send us an e-mail at . You can also write to us through the postal service at:
IHSGD Website
6439 N. Neva Ave.
Chicago, Il.   60631