Chicago St. Benedict High School "Bengals"

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The History of Chicago St. Benedicts High School
Chicago (population: 2.8 million) is located along the shores of Lake Michigan in northeastern Illinois. From its early days as a Potawatomie settlement, then as the site of Fort Dearborn in 1803, which led up to the formation of the city and its incorporation in 1833 and 1837, respectively, the "City of Big Shoulders" became a major location in the US for various reasons.
Railroads and water transportation were two reasons why Chicago was one of the fastest growing cities in the country during the 19th Century. Today, numerous railroads and highways of interstate, US, state, and local designations bring people together in the city on a daily basis, as does air traffic at O'Hare and Midway Airports. Chicago is a melting pot of people from many nationalities, making it ethnically diverse, and thus is referred to as "the financial, economic, and cultural capital of the Midwest (according to Wikipedia)."
St. Benedict Catholic School, located at 3900 N. Leavitt Street, was established as a co-educational grade school for grades 1-8 in 1902. In 1950 a 4-year high school was added to the curriculum. After many years of solid enrollment and quality education St. Benedict found its high school enrollment beginning to decrease. By 2017 the high school enrollment was 102 students. With only 12 potential freshmen taking the entrance exam to attend the high school in the fall of 2018 and only 11 sophomores enrolled, it was decided to end high school curriculum at the school. St. Benedict High School came to an official end in the Spring of 2019 with the final graduating class receiving their diplomas.
NBC Chicago News Article from February 25, 2017.
St. Benedict Grade School continues on in the same building however. The grade school serves grades PK3 - 8. The St. Benedict High School building remains in use and in great condition.
Chicago St. Benedict Catholic High School Quick Facts
Year Opened:                     1950
Year Closed:                       2019
School Bldg Use:                Continues as a grade school.
School Team Nickname:    "Bengals"
School Team Colors:          Maroon & Gold
School Fight Song:             (Needed)

The St. Benedict Bengals and Lady Bengals fared very well over the years in various sports offered at the school. The boys baseball team even made it to the IHSA Elite 8 round in 1987. The records of any sport found on the IHSA website ( are reprinted below. If you have any further information to add about these or any other sport at St. Ben's please contact us at

An Elite 8 and a Sweet 16 birth into the IHSA State playoffs were the highlights of the Bengal baseball program. The Elite 8 team of 1986-87 provided the deepest run for any team of any sport in St. Benedict High School history.
1986-87       24 - 6         IHSA Class 'A'  ELITE 8                             Coach Bob Carlson
                                      IHSA Regional Champions
                                      IHSA Sectional Champions
                                      IHSA Elite 8 Finalists
                                      Lost to Roanoke Benson 5-4
                                      Roanoke lost in Final 4 round. 
1991-92       13 - 15                                                                            Coach Dean Stavrakas
1992-93       25 - 11                                                                            Coach Dean Stavrakas
1993-94       28 - 9                                                                              Coach Dean Stavrakas
1994-95       30 - 7                                                                              Coach Dean Stavrakas
1995-96       15 - 16                                                                            Coach Dean Stavrakas
1996-97       23 - 8                                                                              Coach Dean Stavrakas
1997-98       23 - 7                                                                              Coach Dean Stavrakas
1998-99       23 - 9                                                                              Coach Dean Stavrakas
1999-00       26 - 8                                                                              Coach Dean Stavrakas
2000-01       24 - 14                                                                            Coach Dean Stavrakas
                *Coach Stavrakas 229 - 104 in 10 years!
2002-03       18 - 9         IHSA Class 'A' Sweet 16                            Coach Peter Krackenberger
                                      IHSA Regional Champions
                                      IHSA Sectional Champions
                                      IHSA Super-Sectional FInalists
                                      Lost to Wilmington 2-0
                                      Wilmington won State Championship
2005-06         6 - 5 - 1                                                                        Coach Rob Potempa

The girls basketball program was very solid over the years. The highlight was the team of 1999-00 which reached the IHSA Class 'A' Sweet 16 round! The program also won a total of 11 Regional titles!
1982-83                     IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions      
1994-95      17 - 10                                                                           Coach Valerie Enwall         
1995-96      16 - 11                                                                           Coach Valerie Enwall         
1996-97      21 - 8      IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions          Coach Valarie Enwall
1997-98      20 - 8                                                                             Coach Valerie Enwall  
1998-99      24 - 9      IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions          Coach Valarie Enwall
1999-00      21 - 13    IHSA Class 'A' Sweet 16 Finalists               Coach Valarie Enwall
                                  IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions
                                  IHSA Class 'A' Sectional Champions
                                  IHSA Class 'A' Super-Sectional Finalists
                                  Lost to Elmhurst Timothy Christian 58-54
                                  Timothy Christian placed 4th in Tournament
2000-01      10 - 22    IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions        Coach Christopher Ford
2001-02      13 - 18    IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions        Coach Christopher Ford
2002-03      18 - 14    IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions        Coach Christopher Ford
2003-04      14 - 18    IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions        Coach Christopher Ford
2004-05        3 - 23                                                                         Coach Christopher Ford
2005-06        9 - 20                                                                         Coach Christopher Ford
2006-07      18 - 11                                                                         Coach Christopher Ford
2009-10                      IHSA Class '2A' Regional Champions  
2010-11      23 - 8       IHSA Class '1A' Regional Champions     Coach Christopher Ford    
2012-13                      IHSA Class '2A' Regional Champions  
2014-15                      IHSA Class '2A' Regional Champions  
2015-16                                                                                           Coaches Marc Levinson
                                                                                                        & Kim Coleman
2016-17       1 - 19                                                                           Coach Amanda Genge

The St. Benedict HS volleyball team had some great seasons. A total of 10 Regional titles were won by the lady netters.                          
1989-90                         IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions
1991-92                         IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions
1994-95       7 - 11                                                                           Coach Ron Ashlaw
1995-96     14 - 11                                                                           Coach Ron Ashlaw
1996-97     20 - 9                                                                             Coach Ron Ashlaw
1997-98     23 - 11         IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions     Coach Ron Ashlaw
1998-99     26 - 6 - 2                                                                        Coach Ron Ashlaw
1999-00     14 - 13 - 2                                                                      Coach Ron Ashlaw
2003-04     11 - 13         IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions     Coach David Funkhouser
2006-07     13 - 9                                                                             Coach David Funkhouser
2007-08     15 - 5 - 1      IHSA Class '2A' Regional Champions   Coach David Funkhouser
2008-09     15 - 9           IHSA Class '2A' Regional Champions   Coach David Funkhouser 
2009-10     12 - 6 - 1                                                                         Coach David Funkhouser
2010-11     19 - 6                                                                              Coach David Funkhouser
2012-13                         IHSA Class '2A' Regional Champions
2014-15                         IHSA Class '2A' Regional Champions
2015-16                         IHSA Class '1A' Regional Champions    Coach Megan Hersey
2016-17     11 - 10 - 2    IHSA Class '1A' Regional Champions    Coach Amanda Genge 

Three Regional titles were won by the St. Benedict boys basketball program.
1988-89                           IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions
1989-90                           IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions
1991-92                           IHSA Class 'A' Regional Champions
1998-99        18 - 9                                                                           Coach Ron Ashlaw
1999-00          9 - 19                                                                         Coach Ron Ashlaw
2000-01        12 - 17                                                                         Coach Ron Ashlaw
2001-02        14 - 16                                                                         Coach Ron Ashlaw
2002-03        21 - 9                                                                           Coach Derek Rubino
2003-04        11 - 16                                                                         Coach Derek Rubino
2004-05          8 - 18                                                                         Coach Derek Rubino
2005-06          5 - 22                                                                         Coach Derek Rubino
2006-07          7 - 19                                                                         Coach Kevin Morrow
2010-11        15 - 12                                                                         Coach Tom Horn
2013-14                                                                                            Coach John Billhorn
2014-15                                                                                            Coach John Billhorn
2015-16         14 - 16                                                                        Coach John Billhorn
2016-17           7 - 17                                                                        Coach Brian Lukens

The boys competed in soccer and enjoyed some very competitive seasons.
2010-11                                                                                            Coach Greg Borkowski
2011-12                                                                                            Coach Greg Borkowski
2012-13                                                                                            Coach Greg Borkowski
2013-14                                                                                            Coach Greg Borkowski
2014-15                                                                                            Coach Greg Borkowski
2015-16                                                                                            Coach Greg Borkowski 
2016-17          6 - 9 - 2                                                                      Coach Greg Borkowski

The boys of St. Ben's began a volleyball program as well. Any further information regarding this sport would be appreciated.
2015-16           6 - 11                                                                        Coach Chris Deakins

The Lady Bengals had some success in bowling, including an IHSA District Championship in the 1976-77 school year.
1976-77                        IHSA State Finals Qualifier                      Coach Sr. Marie Terese
                                         IHSA District Champions

The girls athletic program included soccer as well. If you have any further information about the Lady Bengal soccer exploits please contact us via email.
2015-16      3 - 6 - 3                                                                         Coach Greg Borkowski

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