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CLOSED HSs I-72 to I-80
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Every school on the Illinois High School Glory Days site had a beginning and ending point. The following list is to show all the schools located in Northern Illinois on our site (except inside the city limits of Chicago) and what became of them after they closed.
The basic line of demarcation is Interstate 80 from the Mississippi River to the Indiana border, which helps divide the northern and central parts of state. Interstate 39 is the boundary between those east and west on the lists below.
West of I-39/North of I-80 
Name of School                            Who it merged with                            Became known as
Albany                                           Fulton/Cordova                                  Fulton/Cordova
Apple River                                    Warren                                               Warren
Arlington (Bureau County)             La Moille                                           La Moille
Ashton                                            Franklin Center                                  Ashton-Franklin Center
Atkinson                                         Geneseo                                            Geneseo
Cedarville                                      Freeport                                             Freeport
Chadwick                                       Milledgeville                                     Milledgeville
Cherry                                           Spring Valley Hall                              Spring Valley Hall
Compton                                       Mendota                                            Mendota
Coleta                                           Milledgeville/Sterling HS                  Milledgeville/Sterling HS
Cordova                                        Hillside & Port Byron                          Port Byron Riverdale
Creston                                          Rochelle                                           Rochelle
Dakota Interior Academy               closed                                               Dakota
Davis                                             Dakota                                               Dakota
Dixon North                                   Dixon HS                                           Dixon HS
Dixon Rock River Acad.                 closed                                               closed
Elizabeth                                      Hanover                                             Elizabeth River Ridge
Franklin Grove                              Lee Center                                         Franklin Center
Franklin Center                             Ashton                                                Ashton-Franklin Center
Freeport St. Mary                          closed                                                closed 
Galena St. Clement                      closed                                                closed
Galena St. Joseph                        closed                                                closed
Galena St. Rose of Lima              closed                                                 closed
Ger, Valley Pl Pln Acad.              Forreston                                             Forreston
Hanover                                       Elizabeth                                            Elizabeth River Ridge
Harmon                                       Amboy                                                 Amboy
HIllsdale                                      Cordova, Port Byron                            Port Byron Riverdale
Hooppole                                    Annawan                                             Annawan
Kasbeer                                       Princeton/Ohio                                    Princeton/Ohio
Kings                                           Rochelle/Stillman Valley                    Rochelle/Stillman Valley
Kishwaukee                                 Stillman Valley                                   Stillman Valley
Ladd                                           Hall Township                                     Hall Township (Spring Valley)
Lake Forest Ferry Hall                 Lake Forest Academy                          Lake Forest Academy
Lanark                                         Shannon                                             Lanark Eastland
Leaf River                                    Forreston                                            Forreston
Lee Center                                   Franklin Grove                                   Franklin Center
Lena                                            Winslow                                              Lena-Winslow
Lyndon                                        Prophetstown                                      Prophetstown
Malden                                        Princeton                                            Princeton
Manlius                                        Buda Western, Walnut, Wyanet          Manlius Bureau Valley
Maytown Academy                      closed                                                 closed
Mendota East                              Mendota                                             Mendota
Mt. Carroll                                   Savanna, Thomson                            Savanna West Carroll
Mt. Morris                                    Oregon                                               Oregon
Nelson                                         Rock Falls                                           Rock Falls
Nora                                            Warren                                                Warren
Ohio St. Joseph                           closed                                                closed
Port Byron                                    Cordova, Hillsdale                             Port Byron Riverdale
Prairieville                                   closed                                                Sterling HS
Rockford Central                          split into two                                       Rockford East/Rockford West
Rockford Muldoon                       Rockford Boylan                                 Rockford Boylan
Rockford St. James                      closed                                                closed
Rockford St. Thomas                    renamed                                           Rockford Boylan
Rockford West                              closed                                                Rockford Auburn
Savanna                                      Mt. Carroll, Thomson                         Savanna West Carroll
Seward                                        Winnebago                                        Winnebago
Shannon                                      Lanark                                               Lanark Eastland
Sterling Nazarene                        renamed                                           Galt Sterling Christian
Sterling St. Mary's                        renamed                                           Sterling Newman C.C.
Steward                                       Rochelle                                            Rochelle
Tampico                                      Prophetstown                                     Prophetstown
Thomson                                     Mt. Carroll, Savanna                          Savanna West Carroll
Troy Grove                                  Mendota                                            Mendota
Walnut                                        Buda Western, Manlius, Wyanet         Manlius Bureau Valley
West Brooklyn                              Compton                                           Compton
Winslow                                       Lena                                                 Lena-Winslow
Wyanet                                        Buda Western, Manlius, Walnut        Manlius Bureau Valley
East of I-39/North of I-80 except inside City of Chicago
Addison Driscoll                          closed                                               closed
Alden                                          Hebron                                              Alden-Hebron
Arlington                                     closed                                               Hersey/Prospect/R. Meadows
Arlington Hts For. View                closed                                               Hersey/Prospect/R. Meadows
Aurora Fox Valley Cath.              Aurora Marmion Military                   Aurora Marmion Academy
Aurora Jennings Sem.                 closed                                               closed
Aurora Madonna                         Aurora Roncalli                                 Aurora Cent. Catholic
Aurora Roncalli                           Aurora Madonna                               Aurora Cent. Catholic
Batavia East                               Batavia West                                     Batavia HS
Batavia West                              Batavia East                                      Batavia HS
Belvidere North                          Belvidere South                                 Belvidere HS
Belvidere South                         Belvidere North                                  Belvidere HS
Bensenville                                changed names                                 Fenton HS
Berwyn Morton West                  Cicero Morton East                             Berwyn-Cicero Morton
Berwyn St. Leonard                   closed                                                closed
Big Rock                                    Hinckley                                             Hinckley-Big Rock
Bl. Is. Mother of Sorrows            closed                                                closed
Burlington                                 Lily Lake, Plato Center                      Burlington Central
Caledonia                                 Belvidere                                           Belvidere
Calumet City St. Victor              closed                                                closed
Calumet City Wentworth           name change                                    Thornton Fractional HS
Capron                                      Poplar Grove                                     Poplar Grove N. Boone
Carpent. Irving Crown                Dundee                                             Carp. Dundee-Crown
Cherry Valley                             Rockford East                                    Rockford East
Cicero Morton East                    Berwyn Morton West                          Berwyn-Cicero Morton
Cicero St. Dionysus                    closed                                               closed
Crete                                         Monee                                              Crete-Monee
Crystal Lake St. Mary                 closed                                               closed 
DeKalb Notre Dame                  closed                                                closed
DesPlaines Maine North            closed                                               Park Ridge Maine E./Maine S.
DesPlaines Maryville                 closed                                               closed
DesPlaines St. Mary                  changed name                                 DesPlaines Maryville
DesPlaines St. Patrick               closed                                               closed
DesPlaines Villa Nazareth         closed                                              Chicago Holy Family
Dundee                                     Carpentersville Ida Crown                 C. Dundee-Crown   
East Pawpaw CS                       closed                                               Paw Paw
Ela-Vernon                                Lake Zurich/P. View Stevenson        Lake Zurich/P. View Stevenson 
Elburn                                       Kaneville, Sugar Grove, &                Maple Park Kaneland
                                                    Maple Park
Elgin St. Mary                           closed                                               closed
Evanston Academy                   closed                                               closed
Evanston Ac of Visitation          name change, new order                  Evanston Marywood
Evanston St. George                 closed                                               closed
Evanston Marywood                  closed                                               closed
Fairdale                                    Kirkland                                             Kirkland Hiawatha
Frank. Pk. St. Gertrude              closed                                                closed
Genoa                                      Kingston                                            Genoa-Kingston
Glen Ellyn                                merger with smaller districts               Glenbard West
Harding                                    Serena                                               Serena
Hebron                                     Alden                                                 Alden-Hebron
H. Park Deerf'ld-Shields            changed name                                  Highland Park HS
H. Park Imm. Conception          closed                                                closed
H. Park NW Mil. Acad.              moved out of state                             Delafield, WI NWMA
H. Park St. Mary                        closed                                               closed
Hillside Mater Dolorosa             closed                                               closed
Hinsdale Marian Hills                closed                                               closed
Joliet Catholic HS                    Joliet St. Francis Academy                Joliet Catholic Acad.
Joliet Central                            co-ops with Joliet West                     Joliet Township HS
Joliet DeLaSalle                      name change, new order                  Joliet Catholic HS
Joliet East                                closed                                               Joliet Central
Joliet Guardian Angel              Joliet St. Francis Acad.                     Joliet St. Francis Acad.
Joliet St. Francis Acad.             Joliet Catholic HS                            Joliet Catholic Acad.
Joliet St. John the Baptist        closed                                               closed
Joliet St. Joseph Comm.          closed                                               closed
Joliet St. Mary's Acad.             name change, new order                   Joliet Providence
Joliet West                               co-ops with Joliet Central                  Joliet Township HS
Kaneville                                 Elburn, Maple Pk, Sugar Grove         Maple Park Kaneland
Kenilworth Rugby                     closed                                               Winnetka New Trier
Kingston                                  Genoa                                               Genoa-Kingston
Kirkland                                   Fairdale                                             Kirkland Hiawatha
LaFox Broadview Academy     closed                                                closed
Lake Forest St. Mary                closed                                                closed
Lansing Luther East                 closed                                                closed
Lee                                          Shabbona, Steward, Rochelle          Shabbona or Rochelle
Lemont Fournier Instit.             closed                                               closed
Lemont St. Alphonsus              closed                                               closed
Lemont St. James                    closed                                               closed
Lemont St. Vin. dePaul           closed                                               closed
Libertyville St. Mary                closed                                                closed
Lily Lake                                  Burlington, Plato Center                   Burlington Central
Lisbon High School & Academy                      closed                                               closed
Lisle Manual Training             closed                                               Lisle St. Procopius/Sacred Heart
Lisle Sacred Heart Acad.          Lisle St. Procopus Acad.                  Lisle Benet
Lisle St. Procopus Acad.        Lisle Sacred Heart Acad.                  Lisle Benet
 Lewis Institute                         closed                                               closed
Lockport Sacred Heart             closed                                               closed
L'port St. Charles Borromeo     closed                                              closed
Lockport West                          name changed                                 Romeoville
Malta                                       DeKalb                                            DeKalb
Maple Park                              Elburn, Kaneville, Sugar Grove       Maple Park Kaneland
Maywood Proviso                    split into two schools                        Maywood Proviso East,
                                                                                                         Hillside Proviso West
Melrose Pk. Sacred Heart        closed                                             closed
Millbrook                                  Newark                                            Newark
Mokena                                    New Lenox Lincoln-Way                 New Lenox Linc.-Way
Monroe Center                         Stillman Valley                               Stillman Valley
Mundelein St. Mary                 closed                                             closed
New Milford                             Stillman Valley                               Stillman Valley
Niles St. Hedwig                      closed                                             sent students to Chi. Angel Guardian
Northfield Marillac                   Wilmette Loyola                             Wilmette Loyola
Northfield New Trier W.           Winnetka New Trier East                 Winnetka New Trier
Oak Lawn St. Gerald                closed                                            closed
Orland Township                     renamed                                        Orland Park Sandburg
Pavilion Long Grove               closed                                             closed
Plato Center                            Burlington, Lily Lake                      Burlington Central
Plattville                                  Yorkville                                         Yorkville
Poplar Grove                           Capron                                           Poplar Grove N. Boone
Richmond                                merger with smaller districts           Richmond-Burton
River Forest                             Oak Park                                         Oak Park and River Forest
River Grove Holy Cross            River Grove Mother Guerin             River Grove Guerin Prep
River Grove M. Guerin            River Grove Holy Cross                    River Grove Guerin Prep
                                               Arlington Hts. St. Viator                   Arlington Hts. St. Viator
Rollo                                       Shabbona                                       Shabbona
St. Chas. Mt. St. Mary             closed                                              closed
St. Chas. Valley Luth.             closed                                              closed
Shabbona                               Waterman                                       Shabbona Indian Creek
Sheridan                                 Serena                                            Serena
Skokie Niles East                     closed                                             Skokie Niles North/Niles West
Skokie St. Paul                        closed                                             closed
Skokie St. Peter                       closed                                             closed
South Chicago                        renamed                                         Chicago Bowen
Sugar Grove                            Elburn, Kaneville, Maple Park        Maple Park Kaneland
Sycamore St. Alban's              closed                                             closed
Techny Bros. Candidate          closed                                             closed
Techny Holy Ghost                  closed                                             closed
Techny St. Joseph                  closed                                              closed
Wasco                                     St. Charles HS                                 St. Charles HS
Waterman                               Shabbona                                       Shabbona Indian Creek
Waukegan East                       Waukegan West                              Waukegan HS
Waukegan Holy Child             closed                                             closed
Waukegan Mother of God      closed                                              closed
Waukegan St. Albertus           closed                                              closed
Waukegan West                      Waukegan East                               Waukegan HS
Wedron                                  Serena, Sheridon                            Serena
Westchester IMH                     Westchester St. Joseph                   Westchester St. Joseph
Westmont St. Joseph             closed                                              closed
Wheaton Central                    name change                                 Wheaton Warrenville-South
Wheaton Warrenville             closed                                              Wheaton Central/Wheaton North
Wilmette Mallinckrodt           closed                                              closed
Wilmette Maria Immaculata  closed                                             closed
Winnetka New Trier East        Northfield New Trier West               Winnetka New Trier
Woodstock St. Mary               name change                                  Woodstock Marian
Woodstock Todd Sem.          closed                                              closed
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