Sciota Northwestern High School "Huskies"

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Sciota Northwestern High School
Courtesy of Richard Soseman

The History of Sciota Northwestern High School
Sciota (population 58) is located in upper-western Illinois about 10 miles northwest of Macomb.  Sciota is located in the northwestern portion of McDonough County.  County road E 800th Street is the main roadway to and from Sciota and connects it to Illinois Route 9 one-half mile to the south.  The Toledo, Peoria, & Western Railroad travels through town as well.
Blandinsville (population 777) is located in upper-western Illinois.  This northwestern McDonough County town is located also about 17 miles northwest of Macomb.  Illinois Route 9 is the main road in town and connects it to U.S. Route 67 about 9 miles to the east.  The Little Creek and Baptist Creek flow to the north and south of town, respectively. The Toledo, Peoria, & Western Railroad also travels through town.
Good Hope (population 415) is located in upper-western Illinois in north-central McDonough County. Good Hope sits on U.S. Route 67 about six miles north of Macomb.  Illinois Route 9 passes just north of town.  The Toledo, Peoria, and Western Railroad travels through town also.
It was in the late 1950s that the three towns undertook a consolidation effort regarding the education of their children.  The result was the creation of the Northwestern School District in 1959.  A building for the new school district was located on Route 9 just south of Sciota. 
The Northwestern School District served the three communities and the surrounding farm kids for about 44 years.  In 2003 the neighboring town of Colchester agreed to join forces with the Northwestern School District.  This new effort created the West Prairie School District.
The high school for the West Prairie School District remained located in the Northwestern high school building south of Sciota.    
Sciota Northwestern High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                                    1959
Year consolidated:                            2003
Consolidated to:                                West Prairie School District (Sciota)
Northwestern team nickname:            the "Huskies"
Northwestern team colors:                 Blue & White
Schoiol Fight Song:                           "Go You Northwestern"    

Sciota Northwestern Gymnasium
Courtesy of Richard Soseman

The kids of Sciota Northwestern had some great successes in athletics. The boys are listed on the IHSA website ( as competing in baseball, basketball, football, and track.  The girls are listed in track and volleyball, though it is thought that softball and basketball were offered as well.  School team nickname, colors, coach's names, as well as other interesting items regarding the SNHS athletic program are being sought.
Let's start at the top....the Sciota Northwestern boys could play some football!!  Try TWO Championship Game appearances on for size!  Add to this TEN State Playoff appearances, the last eight being all in a row during the schools last eight years of existence.Check out the incredible good work by Coach Bill McCarty and especially Coach Tim Lafferty!!
Another great coach in Northwestern's storied football history was Coach Robert Bauman.  Coach Bauman led the Huskies for 25 years and was inducted into the IFCA Hall of Fame!  Coach Bauman went on to become the Regional Superintendent of Schools for McDonough and Hancock counties. He just recently retired from that position. 
1986-88                                                                        Coach Bill McCarty

1988-89     8 - 2     Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs        Coach Bill McCarty
                            Lost to Carthage 14 - 0
                            Carthage finished 2ND
1989-90   11 - 2     Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs        Coach Bill McCarty
                            Final 4 Qualifier
                            Beat Monmouth Warren 22 - 11
                            Beat Carthage 22 - 0
                            Beat Alexis 7 - 0
                            Lost to Orangeville 50 - 6
                            Orangeville State Champions
1992-95                                                                        Coach Tim Lafferty

1995-96   10 - 2      Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs       Coach Tim Lafferty
                             Elite 8 Finalist
                             Beat Stronghurst Southern 34 - 8
                             Beat Flanagan 34 - 8
                             Lost to Carthage 14 - 0
                             Carthage State Champions
1996-97   13 - 1      Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs       Coach Tim Lafferty
                             TEAM FINISHED SECOND IN STATE!!
                             Beat ROWVA  26 - 0
                             Beat Biggsville Union 41 - 0
                             Beat Monmouth Warren 20 - 13
                             Beat Greenfield  14 - 10
                             Lost to Chenoa 35 - 28   
1997-98     9 - 1      Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs       Coach Tim Lafferty
                             Undefeated Regular Season
                             Lost to Villa Grove 14 - 9
1998-99     7 - 3      Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs       Coach Tim Lafferty
                             Lost to Sterling Newman 35 - 8
                             Newman finished 2ND   
1999-00   10 - 2      Qualified for Class 2A Playoffs       Coach Tim Lafferty
                             Elite 8 Finalist
                             Beat Forreston 30 - 8
                             Beat Walter Lutheran 36 - 35 (O/T)
                             Lost to Fulton 34 - 7  
2000-01   13 - 1      Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs       Coach Tim Lafferty
                             Undefeated Regular Season
                             TEAM FINISHED SECOND IN STATE!!
                             Beat Yorkwood 39 - 8
                             Beat Forreston 32 - 14
                             Beat Lexington 35 - 7
                             Beat East Dubuque  23 - 16
                             Lost to Carthage 14 - 0 
2001-02   11 - 1      Qualified for Class 2A Playoffs       Coach Tim Lafferty
                             Undefeated Regular Season
                             Elite 8 Finalist
                             Beat Iroquois West 42 - 0
                             Beat Tuscola 28 - 15
                             Lost to Moweaqua 26 - 18
                             Moweaqua Finished 2ND  
2002-03   10 - 2      Qualified for Class 2A Playoffs       Coach Tim Lafferty
                             Elite 8 Finalist
                             (School's Final Season)
                             Beat Virginia 50 - 6
                             Beat Beardstown 38 - 13
                             Lost to Carthage 30 - 8
                             Carthage Finished 2ND
The Sciota Northwestern lady netters made some noise in the State Tournament as well. The program won three District titles, two Sectional titles, one Regional title, and one Super-Sectional title. The team of 1977-78 made an Elite 8 appearance before bowing out of the tourney.
1977-78   16 - 5    ELITE 8 FINALIST - Class A      Coach Debi Neff
                           District Champions
                           Sectional Champions
                           Super-Sectional Champions
                           Elite 8 Finalist
                           Lost to Freeburg 20-14, 20-17
                           Freeburg Finished 3rd
1978-79                SWEET 16 FINALIST
                            District Champions
                            Sectional Champions
                            Sweet 16 Finalist

1979-80                District Champions
1983-84                Regional Champions
A total of three Regional Championships highlighted the Northwestern boys baseball program.  Team records and coach's names while they played soley as Northwestern High School are not currently available.
1964-65         Regional Champions
The boys of 1992 through 2003 played on a coop team with nearby La Harpe High School.  The teams were known as the La Harpe - Northwestern Thunder.  All of these teams were coached by Todd Porter.  The boys had some great seasons including winning two Regional Championships!!.
1992-LH/NW     7 - 9                                            Coach Todd Porter
1993-LH/NW     8 - 4                                            Coach Todd Porter 
1994-LH/NW     9 - 8                                            Coach Todd Porter 
1995-LH/NW   16 - 8                                            Coach Todd Porter 
1996-LH/NW   18 - 2                                            Coach Todd Porter

1997-LH/NW   20 - 6     Regional Champions     
Coach Todd Porter
1998-LH/NW   14 - 6                                            Coach Todd Porter 
1999-LH/NW   22 - 7                                            Coach Todd Porter 
2000-LH/NW   22 - 7                                            Coach Todd Porter 
2001-LH/NW   27 - 6                                            Coach Todd Porter 
2002-LH/NW   27 - 4    Regional Champions       Coach Todd Porter
2003-LH/NW     8 - 17                                          Coach Todd Porter
The Northwestern High School Lady Tracksters won a Sectional Championship and had five athletes and two Relay teams bring home hardware from the IHSA State Track Meet. Tiffany Morrell managed to bring home the GOLD!!
1980-81A       Anita Hickenbottom     1600 Meter Run         3RD Place
1981-82A       Sue Payne                   Shot Put                    4TH Place
1987-88A       Tiffani Morrell              3200 Meter Run         6TH Place

1988-89A       Tiffani Morrell              1600 Meter Run         4TH Place
                                                         3200 Meter Run         STATE CHAMPION!!
1989-90A       Tiffani Morrell              3200 Meter Run         STATE CHAMPION!!
1999-00A       Team Won Sectional Championship
                     Relay Team                  4x400 Meter Relay    5TH Place

2000-01A       Relay Team                  4x800 Meter Relay    7TH Place

                     Jennifer Link                300 Meter Hurdles     4TH Place
The hardwood court had two seasons in which the Northwestern boys advanced to the Sectional round of the state tournament.  This came in back to back seasons in the early 1980s. The boys of 1967-68 also won the McDonough County tournament. Unfortunately the team records and coach's names of these and other great Northwestern basketball teams are not available at this time.
1967-68        McDonough County Tourney Champs   Coach Lupe Rios
1979-80        Regional Champions
1980-81        Regional Champions
*Information regarding the 1967-68 McDonough County Tourney Championship team was provided by Bev Chenault:
"Northwstern won the McDonough County Basketball Tournament in 1968.  Winning team members were: Seniors- Jerry Lewis, Sam Harper, Phil Soule, Max Schisler, Juniors - Jim Hainline, Kevin Soule, Mitchell James, Sophomores - Steve Kreps, Mitch John, and Bob Keime.  Managers - Jim Wilson & Dale Baker, and all under the coaching of former WIU basketball great, Lupe Rios." 
*Sciota Northwestern boys basketball top finishes at the Macomb Western Holiday Basketball Tournament as researched by Mark Jurenga:
Champ- Sciota (Northwestern) 62 Monmouth 62
Consolation Champ- Sciota (Northwestern) 70 Mt. Sterling (Brown County) 61
Consolation Champ- Bushnell-Prairie City 57 Sciota (Northwestern) 51
Consolation Champ- Canton 61 Sciota (Northwestern) 59
NW Randy Bowman set a single game record for the tourney with 51 pts. vs. Lewistown in a 97-83 consolation bracket win.
Consolation Champ- Rock Island (Alleman) 61 Sciota (Northwestern) 55
All-Tournament Team
1974- Bill Bainter
1980- Randy Brown
         John Rios

1981- Randy Bowman
1983- Dave Billeter
1986- Gary Wilson
1987- Gary Wilson
1989- Aaron Allen
Four male tracksters won medals at the IHSA State Track Meet as well.
1977-78A      Wade McKeown          Pole Vault          6TH Place
1987-88A      Trent Morrell               800 Meter Run    4TH Place
1988-89A      Brian Sundberg           400 Meter Dash  7TH Place
1999-00A      Clint Wisslead             High Jump          5TH Place
Further Information Being Sought
We are seeking further information regarding other sports and facts you would like to share about Northwestern High School.  We are especially interested in a photo of the high school building.  If you are interested in providing more information about Sciota Northwestern HS please complete a School Submission form or write to us at  You can also write us at the following address:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.      60631