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Every school on the Illinois High School Glory Days site had a beginning and ending point. The following list is to show all the schools located in Southern Illinois on our site and what became of them after they closed.
For Southern Illinois, the area south of Interstate 72 from the Mississippi River to Champaign and south of Interstate 74 heading east from Champaign to the Indiana border have determined which schools are on this list. US 51 South divides the eastern group from the west.
(South of Interstate 72 and West of US 51)
Name of School                          Who it merged with                         What it became 
Alexander                                   Franklin                                            Franklin
Alhambra                                    Highland                                          Highland
Alsey                                           Winchester                                       Winchester
Alton St. Mary                             closed                                              closed
Alton Western Military Acad.       closed                                              closed
Alto Pass                                     Cobden                                            Cobden
Anna                                           Anna Union, Jonesboro                   Anna-Jonesboro
Anna Union                                 Anna, Jonesboro                             Anna-Jonesboro
Ashley                                         Nashville                                         Nashville
Ava                                             Campbell Hill, Cutler                       Campbell Hill Trico
Aviston                                        Breese Community                          Breese Central
Balcom                                       Anna-Jonesboro                               Anna-Jonesboro
Baldwin                                       Red Bud                                          Red Bud
Barry                                           Kinderhook West Pike                       Barry Western
Batchtown                                   Hardin, Kampsville, Hamburg          Hardin Calhoun
Beckemeyer                                Breese Community                           Breese Community
Belleville Acad. of Imm. Conc.                                                           closed
Belleville Cathedral                    Bellevile Notre Dame                       Belleville Althoff
Belleville Holy Spirit Ursuline     closed                                               closed
Belleville Notre Dame                 Belleville Cathedral                         Belleville Althoff
Belleville St. Henry                     Belleville Althoff                              Belleville Althoff
Benld                                          Gillespie                                          Gillespie
Bingham                                     Ramsey                                            Ramsey
Boody                                          Blue Mound                                    Boody-Blue Mound 
Boody-Blue Mound                     Macon                                             Macon Meridian
Boody Decatur E. Park Baptist     closed                                             closed
Breese Community                      Aviston                                            Breese Central
Breese St. Dominic                      Carlyle St. Mary                              Breese Mater Dei
Brighton                                      Medora, Shipman                            Piasa Southwestern
Bunker Hill Military Academy      closed                                              closed
Cahokia Ft. Bowman                   closed                                              closed
Cahokia St. Joseph                     closed                                              closed
Cairo Camelot                             closed                                              closed
Cairo St. Joseph                          closed                                              closed
Cairo Sumner                              Cairo                                                Cairo
Campbell Hill                              Ava, Cutler                                       Campbell Hill Trico
Carbondale Attucks                      Carbondale HS                                Carbondale HS
Carbondale University                  Carbondale HS                                Carbondale HS
Carlyle                                         nickname change                            Carlyle Comm HS
Carlyle St. Mary                           Breese St. Dominic                          Breese Mater Dei
Carrollton St. John                      closed                                               closed
Chatham                                     Glenarm Ball Township                    Chatham Glenwood 
Chesterfield                                 Carlinville                                        Carlinville
Coalton                                       Nokomis                                            Nokomis
Coffeen                                       Donnelson, Hillsboro, Panama         Hillsboro
Cutler                                         Campbell Hill, Ava                            Campbell Hill Trico
Detroit                                        Pittsfield                                           Pittsfield
Divernon                                     Auburn                                             Auburn
Donnelson                                  Coffeen, Hillsboro, Panama              Hillsboro
Dorchester                                  Gillespie                                            Gillespie
Dowell                                        Elkville, Vergennes                            Elkville Elvarado
DuQuoin Lincoln                        DuQuoin HS                                      DuQuoin HS
East St. Louis Assumption          closed                                                closed
East St. Louis Lincoln                 East St. Louis Senior                        East St. Louis Senior
East St. Louis St. Teresa            East St. Louis Assumption                 East St. Louis Assumption
Edwardsville Lincoln                   Edwardsville                                     Edwardsville
El Dara                                        Barry                                                Barry Western
Eldred                                         Carrollton                                         Carrollton
Elkville                                        Vergennes, Dowell                           Elkville Elverado
Elsah                                           Jerseyville Jersey                             Jerseyville Jersey
Farmersville                                Raymond                                          Raymond Lincolnwood
Ferrin                                          Carlyle                                              Carlyle 
Fillmore                                      Nokomis                                            Nokomis
Girard                                         Virden                                               North Mac (Virden)
Glenarm Ball Township              Chatham                                           Chatham Glenwood
Godfrey                                      Alton                                                  Alton
Gorham                                      Murphysboro                                      Murphysboro
Grafton                                       Jerseyville Jersey                               Jerseyville Jersey
Granite City North                       Granite City South                             Granite City HS
Granite City South                      Granite City North                              Granite City HS
Grand Tower                               McClure, Wolf Lake                           Wolf Lake Shawnee
Greenville                                   Pocahontas, Sorrento                       Greenville Bond Co. Comm HS
Hamburg                                     Kampsville, Batchtown, Hardin         Hardin Calhoun
Hardin                                         Kampsville, Batchtown, Hamburg     Hardin Calhoun
Harvel                                         Raymond                                           Raymond Lincolnwood
Hettick                                         Modesto, Palmyra, Scottville            Palmyra Northwestern
Highland St. Paul                       closed                                               closed
Hillview                                       White Hall                                         White Hall
Hoyleton                                     Nashville                                           Nashville
Hull                                             Kinderhook, New Canton                   Kinderhook West Pike
Huntsville                                    Augusta                                             Augusta
Irving                                           Hillsboro                                           Hillsboro
Irvington                                      Centralia                                          Centralia
Jonesboro                                    Anna, Anna Union                           Anna-Jonesboro
Kampsville                                   Hardin, Batchtown, Hamburg          Hardin Calhoun
Kane                                            Jerseyville Jersey                             Jerseyville Jersey
Kaskaskia                                     Chester                                             Chester
Kaskasia Acad. of the Visitation   closed                                              closed
Kemper                                        Medora                                            Piasa Southwestern
Keyesport                                     Carlyle                                             Carlyle
Kinderhook                                  Hull, New Canton                             Kinderhook West Pike
Kinderhook West Pike                  Barry                                                Barry Western
Lenzberg                                     Marissa                                            Marissa
Livingston                                    Staunton                                         Staunton
Loami                                          New Berlin                                       New Berlin
Macon                                         Blue Mound                                     Macon Meridian
Madison Dunbar                          Madison                                           Madison
Manchester                                  Winchester                                       Winchester
Marine                                         St. Jacob, Troy                                St. Jacob Triad
McClure                                       Grand Tower, Wolf Lake                  Wolf Lake Shawnee
McGuire                                      Wolf Lake                                         Wolf Lake Shawnee
Mechanicsburg                            Buffalo, Dawson                               Buffalo Tri-City
Medora                                        Brighton, Shipton                            Piasa Southwestern
Millstadt                                      Belleville West                                 Belleville West
Milton                                         Pearl                                                Milton East Pike
Milton East Pike                          Pittsfield                                           Pittsfield
Modesto                                      Hettick, Palmyra, Scottville              Palmyra Northwestern
Mount Auburn                             Taylorville                                        Taylorville
Murphysboro Douglass                 Murphysboro                                    Murphysboro
Murrayville                                  Jacksonville                                      Jacksonville
Nebo                                           Pittsfield                                           Pittsfield
New Baden                                 Trenton                                            Trenton Wesclin
New Canton                                 Hull, Kinderhook                              Kinderhook West Pike
New Douglas                               Livingston, Staunton                        Staunton
Niantic                                         renamed                                          Niantic-Harristown
Niantic-Harristown                        Illiopolis                                           Niantic Sangamon Valley
Nilwood                                       Virden                                              North Mac School Dist
Oakdale                                       Nashville                                          Nashville
Oakford                                        Petersburg, Tallula                          Petersburg PORTA
Ohlman                                       Nokomis                                            Nokomis
Olive Branch                               Tamms                                             Tamms
Owaneco                                     Taylorville                                        Taylorville
Palmer                                         Morrisonville                                    Morrisonville
Palmyra                                       Hettick, Modesto, Scottville              Palmyra Northwestern
Panama                                       HIllsboro                                          Hillsboro
Patterson                                      Roodhouse                                      Roodhouse
Percy                                            Willsville                                          Willsville-Percy
Pocahontas                                  Greenville, Sorrento                        Greenville Bond Co. Comm HS
Raymond                                     Farmersville                                     Raymond Lincolnwood
Reno                                            Greenville                                        Greenville
Rockbridge                                   Greenfield                                        Greenfield
Rockport                                       Pittsfield                                           Pittsfield
Roodhouse                                   White Hall                                        White Hall North Greene
Rosamond                                    Pana                                                Pana
St. Jacob                                      Marine, Troy                                    St. Jacob Triad
St. Rose                                       Breese Cent./Breese St. Dominic     Breese Cent./Breese St. Dominic
Sandusky Young                          Tamms                                             Tamms
Schram City                                 Hillsboro                                           Hillsboro
Scottville                                     Hettick, Modesto, Palmyra                Palmyra Northwestern
Shipman                                      Brighton, Medora                             Piasa Southwestern
Shobonier                                    Vandalia                                          Vandalia
Smithboro                                    Mulberry Grove                                Mulberry Grove
Sorrento                             Greenville, Pocahontas                 Greenville Bond Co. Comm. HS           
Stonington                                   Taylorville                                       Taylorville
Tamaroa                                      Pinckeyville                                     Pinckeyville
Tamms                                        Grade Schools                                Tamms Alexander Co. Central
Tamms Alexander Co. Central     Thebes                                           Tamms Egyptian
Thebes                                         Tamms                                            Tamms Egyptian
Tilden                                           Sparta                                             Sparta
Trenton                                         New Baden                                     Trenton Wesclin
Troy Jarvis                                    renamed                                          Troy McCray-Dewey
Troy McCray-Dewey                      Marine, St. Jacob                            St, Jacob Triad
Upper Alton                                  Alton                                                Alton
Venice                                          closed                                              closed
Venice Lincoln                             Venice                                              Venice
Venice Newport                            Venice Lincoln                                 Venice Lincoln
Venice St. Mark                            closed                                               closed
Vergennes                                    Elkville, Dowell                                Elkville Elverado
Vernon                                         Patoka                                              Patoka
Virden                                          Girard                                               North Mac (Virden)
Waggoner                                    Farmersville                                      Farmersville
Waterloo Sts. Peter & Paul           name change                                   Waterloo Gibault
White Hall                                    Roodhouse                                       White Hall North Greene
Willsville                                      Percy                                                 Willsville-Percy
Willsville-Percy                            Campbell Hill Trico                           Campbell Hill Trico
Witt                                              Hillsboro                                            Hillsboro
Wolf Lake                                     Grand Tower, McClure                      Wolf Lake Shawnee
Woodson                                      Jacksonville                                       Jacksonville
Worden                                        Edwardsville                                      Edwardsville
Xenia                                           Flora                                                 Flora
(South of Interstates 72/74 and East of US 51)
Akin                                          Thompson or Benton                      Thompson or Benton
Albion                                       Bone Gap, Browns                          Albion Edwards County
Allendale                                  Mount Carmel                                 Mount Carmel
Alma                                         Kinmundy                                       Kinmundy-Alma
Annapolis                                  Hutsonville                                      Hutsonville
Ashmore                                    Charleston                                       Charleston
Assumption                               Moweaqua                                      Moweaqua Central A & M
Atwood                                      Hammond                                      Atwood-Hammond
Atwood-Hammond                      Arthur                                              Arthur
Belknap                                     Vienna                                            Vienna
Belle Rive                                 Mount Vernon                                 Mount Vernon
Bellemont                                 Mount Carmel                                 Mount Carmel
Bethany                                    Findley                                            Bethany Okaw Valley
Bible Grove                              Louisville                                         Louisville North Clay
Blairsville                                  Herrin                                              Herrin  
Bone Gap                                 Albion, Browns                                Albion Edwards County
Bonnie                                      Mount Vernon                                 Mount Vernon
Bridgeport                                 Sumner                                           Bridgeport Red Hill
Brocton                                     Redmon                                          Brocton-Redmon
Brocton-Redmon                       Hume Young America                    Hume Shiloh
Brookport                                   Metropolis                                      Metropolis Massac County
Brookport Lincoln                      Brookport                                        Brookport
Broughton                                 McLeansboro                                  McLeansboro
Brownfield                                Golconda Pope County                   Pope County (Golconda) 
Browns                                      Albion, Bone Gap                           Albion Edwards County
Buckner                                    Christopher                                      Christopher
Buncombe                                Vienna                                            Vienna
Burnt Prairie                             Mill Prairie                                      Mill Prairie
Calhoun                                    Claremont, Olney, Parkersburg      Olney East Richland
Camargo                                   Villa Grove                                     Villa Grove
Cambria                                    Carterville, Herrin                           Carterville, Herrin
Carmi                                        Crossville                                        Carmi White County
Carmi East Side                        Carmi                                             Carmi White County
Carrier Mills                               Stonefort                                        Carrier Mills-Stonefort
Casey                                        Westfield                                        Casey-Wesfield
Cave-In-Rock                             Elizabethtown, Rosiclare                Elizabethtown Hardin County
Charleston Eastern State           Charleston HS                                Charleston HS
Claremont                                 Calhoun, Olney, Parkersburg          Olney East Richland
Cisco                                         closed                                             Monticello
Colp                                          Herrin                                              Herrin
Cowden                                     Herrick                                             Cowden-Herrick
Cowling                                     closed                                             Grayville                
Creal Springs                             closed                                             Marion
Crossville                                   Carmi                                              Carmi White County
Cypress                                      Vienna                                            Vienna
Dahlgren                                   McLeansboro                                   McLeansboro
Dalton City                                Bethany                                           Bethany Okaw Valley
Decatur Senior                          renamed                                          Decatur Stephen Decatur
Decatur Stephen Decatur          closed                                              D. Eisenhower/D. MacArthur
Decatur Lakeview                      closed                                              D. MacArthur/D. Step. Decatur
Delafield                                   McLeansboro                                   McLeansboro 
De Soto                                    Carbondale                                      Carbondale
Dewmaine                                closed                                               closed     
Dix                                            Mount Vernon                                  Mount Vernon
DuBois                                      Nashville                                           Nashville
Dudley Township                      Redmon                                            Hume Shiloh
Dundas                                     Olney                                                Olney
Eddyville                                  Golconda Pope County                     Pope County (Golconda)
Edgewood                                Effingham                                         Effingham
Elizabethtown                          Cave-In-Rock, Rosiclare                     Elizabethtown Hardin County   
Enfield                                      Norris City-Omaha                            Norris City-Omaha-Enfield
Equality                                    Ridgway, Shawneetown                    Junction Gallatin County
Ewing                                       Benton                                              Benton      
Farina                                       name change                                   Farina LaGrove
Farina LaGrove                         Kinmundy-Alma                               Farina South Central
Findlay                                      Bethany                                           Bethany Okaw Valley
Flat Rock                                   Lawrenceville/Robinson                   Lawrenceville/Robinson
Gays                                          Windsor                                            Windsor
Geff                                           Fairfield                                           Fairfield
Grand Chain                             Karnak, Ullin                                     Ullin Century
Grandview                                Kansas                                              Kansas 
Grantsburg                                Vienna                                              Vienna
Greenup                                   Toledo                                              Toledo Cumberland
Hammond                                 Atwood                                             Atwood-Hammond
Herald                                       Carmi/Norris City                               Carmi/Norris City
Herrick                                       Cowden                                            Cowden-Herrick
Herrin Catholic                          closed                                               closed
Hindsboro                                  Oakland                                           Oakland
Homer                                       Broadlands ABL                               Broadlands Heritage
Hume                                        Metcalf                                             Metcalf Young America
Hurst-Bush                                 Herrin                                               Herrin
Iola                                           Louisville                                         Louisville North Clay
Ina                                            Mount Vernon                                  Mount Vernon
Ingraham                                  Sailor Springs, Clay City                  Clay CIty
Iuka                                           Salem                                              Salem
Jewett                                       Toledo, Greenup                              Cumberland (Toledo)                
Kansas Eton Academy              closed                                               Kansas
Karnak                                      Grand Chain, Ullin                            Ullin Century
Keenes                                     Wayne City                                       Wayne City
Keensburg                                Mount Carmel                                   Mount Carmel
Kell                                          Salem                                               Salem
Kinmundy                                 Alma                                                Kinmundy-Alma
Kinmundy-Alma                        Farina LaGrove                                Farina South Central
La Clede                                   Farina, Long Grove                          Farina La Grove
Lake City                                   Lovington                                         Lovington
Lakewood                                 Shelbyville                                       Shelbyville
Lancaster                                  Mount Carmel                                  Mount Carmel
Landes                                     Oblong                                             Oblong
La Place                                   Cerro Gordo                                     Cerro Gordo
Lerna                                        Charleston                                        Charleston
Logan Hannaford                      Benton                                             Benton
Longview                                   Allerton, Broadlands                        Broadlands ABL
Lovington                                  Arthur                                               Arthur
Macedonia                                McLeansboro                                   McLeansboro
Makanda                                   Carbondale                                      Carbondale
Mason                                       Effingham                                        Effingham
Maunie                                      Carmi                                               Carmi
Metcalf                                      Hume                                               Metcalf Young America
Metcalf Young America             Brocton-Redmon                             Hume Shiloh
Metropolis                                 Brookport                                         Metropolis Massac County
Metropolis Dunbar                     Metropolis                                       Metropolis
MIlls Prairie                               Fairfield                                           Fairfield
Mill Shoals                               Burnt Prairie                                    MIlls Prairie
Montrose                                   Dietrich                                            Dietrich
Mounds City                              Mounds, M.C. Lovejoy, M. Douglass  Mounds Meridian
Mounds City Lovejoy                 Mounds, M.City, Mounds Douglass    Mounds Meridian
Mounds                                     M.City, M.C. Lovejoy, M. Douglass    Mounds Meridian
Mounds Douglass                      M.City, M.C. Lovejoy, Mounds           Mounds Meridian
Mount Erie                                Cisne                                               Cisne
Moweaqua                                Assumption                                      Moweaqua Central A & M
Nason                                        Waltonville                                      Waltonville
Neoga Township                       changed name                                Neoga Community HS
New Burnside                            Vienna                                             Vienna
New Columbia                           Metropolis                                       Metropolis
Newman                                    Hume Shiloh                                   Hume Shiloh
Noble                                        changed name                                Noble West Richland
Norris City                                  Omaha                                            Norris City-Omaha
Norris City-Omaha                     Enfield                                             Norris City-Omaha-Enfield
Oconee                                     Pana                                                Pana
Ogden                                       St. Joseph                                       St, Joseph-Ogden
Olney                                        Calhoun, Claremont, Parkersburg    Olney East Richland
Omaha                                      Norris City                                        Norris City-Omaha
Opdyke                                     Mount Vernon                                  Mount Vernon
Parkersburg                              Calhoun, Claremont, Olney              Olney East Richland
Pesotum                                   Philo, Sadorus, Sidney, Tolono       Tolono Unity
Philo                                        Pesotum, Sadorus, Sidney, Tolono  Tolono Unity
Philo St. Joseph                       closed                                               closed
Piopolis Catholic                      closed                                               McLeansboro Hamilton County
Rardin                                       Charleston                                        Charleston
Redmon                                    Brocton                                            Brocton-Redmon
Ridgway                                    Equality, Shawneetown                   Junction Gallatin County
Robbs                                       Golconda                                         Golconda
Rosiclare                                  Cave-In-Rock, Elizabethtown            Elizabethtown Hardin County
Royalton                                   Ziegler                                             Ziegler-Royalton
Sadorus                                    Pesotum, Philo, Sidney, Tolono      Tolono Unity
Sailor Springs                           Ingraham, Clay City                         Clay City
St. Francisville                          Lawrenceville                                   Lawrenceville
St. James                                  St. Elmo                                           St. Elmo
St. Joseph                                 Ogden                                              St. Joseph-Ogden
Ste. Marie                                Newton                                              Newton
Scottland                                  Chrisman                                          Chrisman
Sesser                                       Valier                                               Sesser-Valier
Seymour                                   Mahomet                                         Mahomet-Seymour
Shawneetown                           Cave-In-Rock, Equality                     Junction Gallatin County
Shields                                     Bluford Webber                                Bluford Webber
Shumway                                 Beecher                                            Beecher
Sidell                                       Fairmount, Indianola                        Sidell Jamaica
Sidney                                     Pesotum, Philo, Sadorus, Tolono     Tolono Unity
Sigel                                        Neoga Community HS                      Neoga Community HS
Simpson                                   Vienna                                             Vienna
Springerton                              Mills Prairie or Enfield                      Mills Prairie or Enfield
Stewardson                              Strasburg                                           Stewardson-Strasburg
Stiritz                                        Johnston City                                     Johnston City
Strasburg                                 Stewardson                                        Stewardson-Strasburg
Stonefort                                  Carrier Mills                                       Carrier Mills-Stonefort
Sumner                                    Bridgeport                                         Bridgeport Red Hill
Teutopolis St. Joseph              moved                                               Westmont St. Joseph
Toledo                                     Greenup                                            Toledo Cumberland
Tolono                                     Pesotum, Philo, Sadorus, Sidney      Tolono Unity
Tower Hill                                Pana                                                  Pana
Ullin                                        Grand Chain, Karnak                          Ullin Century
Valier                                      Sesser                                                 Sesser-Valier
Vermilion                                Paris                                                   Paris
Vermillion Grove Academy     closed                                                 closed
Walpole                                  McLeansboro                                      McLeansboro
Watson                                    Effingham                                          Effingham
West Salem                             Albion Edwards County                      Albion Edwards County
West Union                              Marshall                                             Marshall
West York                                Hutsonville                                         Hutsonville
Westervelt                               Shelbyville                                         Shelbyville
Westfield                                 Casey                                                 Casey-Westfield
White Heath                            Monticello                                           Monticello
Willow Hill                               Newton                                               Newton
Yale                                        closed                                                 closed
Zeigler                                    Royalton                                              Ziegler-Royalton
Zeigler Christian Academy      closed                                                  closed               
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